Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NY Minute (Oscar Dish)

Last night while enjoying dinner with family at our favorite Pizzeria, I couldn't help but listen in on the conversation going on at the table next to us. Apparently it was the weekly get to-gay-ther for a group of 6 men. Here's their dish on Oscar night.

Celine Dion: "You know, I have to say I liked that diva. With the simple hair thing going on up there, and the dress down to there, and the pin over there screaming 'bling'. She pulled that shit off, big time!" (Over the top hand gestures included).
Anne Hathaway & her 'Devil Wears Prada co-star': "Ok. You know what? Let me tell you all something...and I'm serious. It is a downright shame that those two girls did what they did. Because if anyone should know better, they should. They should know better! They made a movie about knowing better than dressing like that. It's a disgrace. A shame."
Jennifer Hudson: "Someone should tell her that her that when she was performing her song, her jigglebitties upstaged her."
Cate Blanchett: "Was that thing bullet proof? Hello! Warrior Princess!"
Daniel Craig: "Ooh la la. Come to mummy!"

I was half tempted to lean over and tell them they made my day.


ali said...

That is hilarious. You live in "Sex & the City."

Lorilee said...

I don't know which would have been better... listening to that hilarious, but true conversation or that delicious looking pizza.

lane said...

"jigglebitties." Best word I've heard in a while. I said she was "boobilating," but leave it to the gay fashionistos to outdo me.

liz s said...

haa awesome. i love new york.