Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mini Magnolia

The mini cupcake is my latest obsession. The minute the idea popped into my head, my dear friend, Miss Marta, made them for me. That was a while back. But it was fate. Forget paying $2 for a cupcake so big I can't even fit it in my mouth. Minis are so petite and so sweet, I can eat them in one bite. Well, ok, 2 bites. I made these little German Chocolate rascals a few days ago, and I think they turned out quite nicely. Mini is sooo the new Magnolia.


marta said...

plus these posh pretty poppers are perfect for parties.

and not too intimidating for picky gals at a get together. super cute!! love the coconut frosting. nice work, jamie. i only wish i could taste them melt in my mouth!

ali said...

Yum. German chocolate minis?

I clicked on the image to get a good look at that dreamy homemade frosting. Needless to say, my sweet tooth is left wanting.

I wish I could bake like you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...if only i could eat one right now!! well done my dear! love lots,
jenny j

Lorilee said...

Jamie.. those look so, so yummy. Now my stomach growling.. and the fruit I brought for lunch just isn't going to cut it.
It's funny because I've been thinking about mini cupcakes lately.. But the mini ones I was thinking of are too mini for cupcake papers, so now I'm confused. How mini are these? WEll, regardless of the size--I would still probably eat 50 of them!

jamieanne said...

They are quite mini. I bought a special mini baking pan and mini liners. Once baked, they are about 1 1/2" across the top and about 1 1/2" tall. Definitely poppable!