Tuesday, February 6, 2007

If We Were Robots

Ok, not exactly robots, or even cyborgs, but iPods. That is what I meant to say...'If We Were iPods'. But robots sounded so much cooler.
This is the best way I can describe my family. In terms of iPods. Everyone I know these days seems to be familiar with them. But what everyone is not familiar with (but I believe should be) is my sisters. So...if people were iPods, Steve Jobs would have a different job. But that is not the point of this discussion.
What is worth noting here is the general construction of us iPods. Let's use the standard 40 gig iPod as a representation of the average human adult being in height, weight, and proportions. Nice, sleek, sexy, useful, attractive. If this is the case, then let me turn your attention to my sisters. But before I do so, remember that this is strictly a size comparison. All other things are held constant.

My two oldest sisters, Lane and Ashley, are mini iPods. Two words: eye candy. Truly a work of glamorous art. The kind of noticeable small that makes you go 'Hmmm...how'd they do that?'
Me, I'm the nano. Smaller, shorter, sexier. Just when you thought they couldn't make the mini any smaller...they go nano on you. Just kidding about the sexier part. Kind of.
My younger sister, Ali, she's the shuffle. Itty bitty and oh so pretty. No fluff here, not even room for a display, just pure cuteness wrapped in the smallest package you ever did see.

It's as if the succession of iPods was modeled after the succession of my family. Strange. These thoughts all stemmed from a discussion with my sister about why we love the fit of teen shopping lines. Even more strange. But the connection here should be obvious. We're fun size. That's what some people call us. Just as good as the original candy bar, only smaller. Mmmm...snickers.


Ashley A. said...

Okay maybe I'm a mini...but what color? Did you know that Sara Francis calls me fun size? I love her. Now I really want a twix. Fun size of course (so I can stay that way).

ali said...

Very clever, Jamie Anne. And surprisingly (oddly) fitting. Too true, too true.

I'll take the shuffle title. As long as I don't have to do the truffle shuffle.

Lorilee said...

Although I don't know Lane and Ashely as much (well..Ashley and I did have our Rich's Bagel's day's---if she can remember?) but I would say these comparsions are just about prefect. I love your creativity Jamie.

Lorilee said...

Ali... I think we just posted a comment at the same time.. cute!

jamieanne said...

Ashley, I would say that you are green. My rationale being, you are the only one who has a wee babe, and green is symbolic of life.
But the more I think about it, Ali might be jealous that you get green, so I choose to give you blue. I think blue might suit you better. Always calm/even-tempered/hip and modern. Blue. It suits you.

lane said...

Isn't the mini discontinued? Alack, my time has passed, I can live with being outdated.

I guess the point is, we're small. And small is the new black.

Ashley A. said...

I totally remember the Rich's Bagels days. The smell of asiago cheese mixed with the chemicals from the nail salon next door. Delicious! Cody worked there too as a baker. He drove the coolest old car, does he still have it?

sarah marie said...

jamie you're darling. and ali is too. and lane. i don't really know ashley but i'm sure she's darling too.

G-Money said...

Nothing against the mini and shuffle but I've always been partial to the nano. Confident, sleek, oversized click wheels, and way overpriced. The essence of perfection!