Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanks - Giving

Ahh, one more fabulous Thanksgiving holiday for the record books. Before I turn the page, I thought it might be appropriate to chronicle the things I'm thankful for right now...

my beloved...oh what a dear, sweet thing he is!
sistazz...(spelling in the grand tradition of utah sports teams, which we are definitely not) they are the light of my life
miss famous...i never thought i could love/miss/obsess so much
the triple threat...you know who you are!
kitchen aid stand mixers...yes, that is plural, and it's also another story
thank you cards...truly the most adorable and thoughtful expression of gratitude
buttkissovichers...a legacy of family-like friendship
travel...most recently made possible by a very generous mark and pam
mild weather, so far...i'm a cold weather wuss

1 comment:

curtis and other brother-in-law said...

I'm sad...........I guess you're not thankful for brothers-in-law.